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IT services provider Triotech Systems has won countless recognitions for its work. We offer a wide range of IT services, such as software development, security, and cloud services. Keeping our word, providing excellent service, being forthright and trustworthy, and listening to our customers are all essential components of Triotech Systems.


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About Triotech Systems: Raising The Standard!

Triotech Systems was founded in October 2020 as an IT services provider company. Our research showed that new industries like blockchain, fintech, ecommerce, healthcare, education, and even real estate are completely dependent on their online presence and need a strong process system to stand out from their competitors.

So, we decided to put our skills to use by starting an IT solutions company where organizations can get a strong platform that can handle their problems with software infrastructure, security, development, quality assurance, monitoring, and design professionally.

Triotech Systems has had a prosperous history so far, including discovering several promising opportunities in software development and information technology as a whole. Since we don’t think learning stops being helpful, we urge our employees to continue expanding their knowledge with expert guidance and apply it in the field.

Lokesh Kojhani, Director & Founder:

In hindsight, it seems like we just happened to start Triotech Systems, a full-fledged IT services company, when the world was utterly dependent on all kinds of online businesses, such as Fintech, real estate, banking, and online health care.

At that time, only a few IT service providers were well-versed in every aspect of software development, including DevOps, software security, cloud services, design, quality testing, and so on. It was a raw idea until we formed a team with the right expertise in their respective domains.

We established Triotech Systems to be a one-stop destination for organizations of all sizes, whether it is a real estate business or an online healthcare service. Due to our versatile range of services, we welcome professionals from all backgrounds, i.e., Cloud, Azure DevOps, Dynamics 365, etc., to grow as a team and cover a wide range of business concerns.

Our Moto

“Don’t give up on innovation because every new day brings fresh opportunities for exploration and development.” ~ Lokesh Kojhani

Why Do Our Customers Put Their Trust In Us?

Teams that embrace the DevOps mindset, techniques, and technologies are more productive and efficient in providing high-end software. This mindset enabled us to create a good reputation and goodwill among our clients.

Enhanced cooperation and output are critical in meeting organizational objectives. Triotech Systems and its team make software for every field by combining technological developments with industry trends.

We are exceptionally well-equipped for the design and creation of your resilient software or application that takes advantage of mobile, online, and cloud technologies. Our digital solutions have an effect worldwide because we focus on making unique and reliable web applications and mobile apps that are easy to use and possess potent data mining methods.

Building The Company’s Worth

At the very least, we believe in the potential for something better. DevOps engineers, IT support specialists, programmers, UI/UX designers, and quality assurance specialists all work together to create products with natural effect.

Over the past ten years, we’ve made thousands of apps that have helped the finance, health care, e-commerce, real estate, banking, education, and other sectors grow by leaps and bounds.

Triotech Systems has your back when it comes to the difficulties of working with distributed teams of developers, security, designers, etc., as we have ensured you have everything under the same roof. So, relax by having a software development and operations team right here. Our work speaks for our worth!

We Built Our Path.

Since 2020, we’ve assisted businesses as a provider of IT support and systems integration. Because we have prioritized understanding our client’s needs, we tailor our services and products to meet their requirements, and we’ve built a solid reputation as a reliable service provider.

Technology can boost productivity and generate significant profits when planned and executed correctly, especially for digital businesses. We aim to offer services and assistance that help our clients achieve both short-term and long-term goals. The team at Triotech Systems has never let its clients down when pinpointing the roots of technological issues.

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