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TRIOTECH SYSTEMS stands as an epitome of exceptional service for industry leaders. Our portfolio showcases advanced IT solutions tailored to various clients, from innovative start-ups to dynamic medium-sized enterprises.


We are profoundly proud of the vast array of services we’ve rendered—encompassing everything from streamlined DevOps processes and custom application development to robust cloud infrastructures, IT consulting services, dedicated support, proactive system administration, and meticulous monitoring. Below, you’ll find select highlights that illustrate the scope and impact of our work. For an in-depth exploration of our comprehensive portfolio, complete with detailed case studies and testimonials, don’t hesitate to contact us at [email protected]. We are eager to present a narrative of success that reflects our steadfast dedication to enhancing and empowering your business as your trusted service provider.

Shared ride scheduling portfolio

Ride-Share Scheduling Platform

For a distinguished Ride-Share Scheduling platform, TRIOTECH SYSTEMS expertly orchestrated the management and upkeep of over 150 virtual machines across multiple domains.


Our services included implementing security hardening, comprehensive backup and restoration, deployment, and configuration of open-source monitoring and alerting systems with real-time notifications. The project also entailed a strategic migration to Oracle Cloud, enhancing system resilience and scalability. This complex service package was professionally executed and delivered within a stringent nine-month schedule, showcasing our commitment to excellence and technical proficiency in System administration.


Fintech-Based Accounts Receivable Automation

TRIOTECH SYSTEMS spearheaded a FinTech client’s transition to automation by crafting a DevOps framework from scratch. Leveraging industry-standard tools, TRIOTECH SYSTEMS expertly built and evolved robust DevOps pipelines across all products. Over 2.5 years, we provided continuous service, maintaining and refining the DevOps processes while managing ongoing operations and ensuring comprehensive vulnerability management. Our expertise facilitated a smooth migration to AWS, boosting operational flexibility and security. This strategic upgrade reflects our commitment to delivering DevOps and Application Security services to aid FinTech applications.


Crypto staking portfolio

Crypto Staking Platform

TRIOTECH SYSTEMS has deployed a dedicated offshore team delivering round-the-clock DevOps support and vigilant infrastructure monitoring for our client operating in the dynamic crypto staking sector. Our team’s relentless focus on uptime and performance ensures that the client’s staking services across various cryptocurrency chains remain robust and efficient. Through our continuous engagement, we maintain and optimize their complex infrastructure to adapt to the fast-paced nature of the crypto market.

E-Commerce System Reinforcement


TRIOTECH SYSTEMS revamped an e-commerce client’s infrastructure on AWS to counteract frequent DDoS-induced downtimes, integrating high-availability features, backup and restore capabilities, and security hardening measures, including VPN implementation. Achieved in three months, this robust solution fortified their system’s defenses, leading to an extended engagement for continuous maintenance.