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Triotech Systems’ Portfolio

Our clients are among the most prestigious in the industry. Triotech Systems’ Portfolio depicts cutting-edge IT solutions across all sectors, from innovative startups to multinational corporations.

The software development, DevOps, cloud, IT support, system administration, and monitoring projects we’ve completed with our customers and partners are among our proudest achievements. You may see a small selection of our portfolio in the samples below, but if you want to see more, email us at contact@triotechsystems.com, and we’ll be pleased to send over further works and references.

Our Customers And Partners

Customers from all over the globe, including those in America, Canada, and Europe, can now take advantage of our growing portfolio. We’re happy to say that we’ve collaborated with companies of different sizes.

Shared ride scheduling portfolio

Shared Ride Scheduling Platform

To keep more than 150 virtual machines running smoothly across two domains, Triotech Systems offered system administration services to this transportation services provider in the Healthcare domain. Security setups, backup and restoration, monitoring, notifications, and migration to the cloud were all part of the service. In nine months, the project was successfully finished and delivered.

Accounts Receivable Automation – Fintech-Based Solution.

Triotech Systems delivered its robust Fintech solutions in combination with DevOps services through Jenkins, Azure DevOps, and on-perm deployments to automate Accounts Receivables. We converted the On-Prem customers to AWS EC2 and RDS and built a CI/CD pipeline to speed up delivery to 250+ Customers. In addition to enabling Fortify on Demand’s SAST and DAST, we activated SonarQube’s Code Coverage feature. By incorporating a few simple automated scripts, we assisted our customers in cutting their monthly AWS costs by $35,000.

Crypto staking portfolio

Crypto Staking

Triotech Systems provides services in various industries, not only the more common ones like healthcare, retail, and banking; we are also willing to deal with cutting-edge technology like crypto staking. With the aid of 9 DevOps engineers, we provide around-the-clock DevOps support to this Crypto Staking Project. We built a whole infrastructure to allow staking over 30+ different crypto chains. Using Datadog, Sumologic, and Prometheus, we oversaw the project’s monitoring, triage, and issue management to guarantee success for our customers. We also offered IAC assistance for hybrid clouds in 4 distinct locations utilizing Terraform. Due to the quality of our work, we have retained this customer and are now working together on an ongoing project.

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We are an industry leader in digital acceleration, providing our clients with comprehensive, scalable, and competitive technological solutions. We aid companies in solving problems and achieving their goals in a timely and imaginative manner. We use various resources, from fully managed Support Teams to individual experienced software engineers. Strong end-to-end delivery of customized technological solutions is our forte.

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