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The term "Infrastructure as Code" refers to a set of tools that empower groups to declaratively manage the setup of cloud-based resources like servers, networking devices, databases, and networks. Our IaC specialists at Triotech Systems are adept with practical applications of setting up servers, configuring hardware, and managing the technology stack.

Choosing Native IaC Tools

The native IaC CloudFormation, ARM, or Google Cloud Deployment Manager solutions enable enterprises to install complex infrastructures more quickly than Terraform due to its slower functionality release schedule. That’s why we always go the extra mile for our clients.

Considering Multi-Cloud

Analyze your organizational needs and the point at which switching to multiple clouds may sound right. This can be done by conducting a SWOT analysis that compares native cloud suppliers with multi-cloud providers to see where every vendor fits with the purpose that the organization is trying to create.

IaC Vendor Lock-In

In the past, businesses have been hesitant about being overly dependent on one provider for all of their corporate solutions. A similar idea can be used for solutions offered by cloud suppliers, where the company might rely too heavily on one vendor's products. In the end, your company will have to choose how much risk it is willing to accept by working with just one vendor.

Utilizing Kubernetes For Infrastructure As Code

Leveraging Kubernetes container management, a non-platform-specific approach for Docker containers that is also open-sourced by Google and utilized by all four important operators is one approach to being cross-platform irrespective of your IaC system.


By implementing IaC, Triotech Systems save time and effort configuring and deploying infrastructures for cloud-native applications by making use of templates. The template alone is enough to set up the environment, and it can be used to find inefficient or unsafe setups. 

These days, it’s not unusual for businesses to stretch their IT budgets to cover basic needs. We can assist you in setting up a solid infrastructure as code setup using Kubernetes for your business so that you can put your energy into increasing your organization rather than fixing its infrastructure.

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