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Microsoft Azure
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Getting Started With Microsoft Azure: Why Is It So Popular?

Have you just started your career as a developer? Are you here to look for answers related to Microsoft Azure,” which is quite popular among developers? You no longer have to worry; this blog will clear your basics.

While Microsoft Azure is one of the most popular cloud platforms, its extensive feature set might intimidate inexperienced programmers. It will prepare you to launch your Microsoft Azure environment by the time you reach the end of this article.

An Introduction To Microsoft Azure

Azure has always been a cloud computing platform, offering various IaaS, PaaS, and SaaS options for multiple services, including analytics, virtual computing, storage, networking, and more. You may use it as an alternative to, or in addition to, your current servers.

Through its worldwide network of data centers, Microsoft Azure provides a cloud computing platform that aids developers and IT professionals in the construction, deployment, and management of applications.


Why Choose Microsoft Azure?


3 Main Reasons For Using Microsoft Azure

App Hosting And Development

Microsoft Azure covers you if you need a place to build, host, or administer an app for the web or a mobile device.

Implementing automatic patch management for your virtual machines allows you to spend less time maintaining your infrastructure and focus more on growing your applications. The continuous preparation support in Azure lets you shape newer code versions.

Built into Azure Web Apps is a function called “Auto Scale,” which dynamically increases or decreases the number of available resources in response to spikes in user demand.

Connecting your web app to an on-premises one is a breeze using Azure. By linking up applications in both locations, your employees and business partners will have safe and secure access to internal resources that would otherwise be difficult to reach.

Active Directory With Azure

Using Azure, you may deploy an Active Directory environment with built-in support for direct connections. By leveraging Azure, you can expand the reach of your domain controller and consolidate Active Directory administration, making it the exclusive cloud provider for this capability.

Active Directory integration with Azure is essential for managing and maintaining access to many locations, on-premise, and cloud applications like Microsoft Dynamics 365.

Multi-factor authentication is also supported by Azure, providing extra protection for your data and programs with zero more work for your end users. It will be easy to set up a unified login process for all your cloud applications, regardless of whether you use Windows, Mac, Android, or iOS.

Disaster Recovery & Backups

With Azure, you now have a backup and disaster recovery technology that lives up to your wildest dreams. Why? Because it can be easily adapted to different environments and has built-in integration and robust site recovery.

Azure’s inherent flexibility as a cloud service means it may create a virtual backup of your data in almost any language, on practically any operating system, and from any location. You may also choose how often and how much data is backed up (daily, weekly, monthly, etc.).

Regarding backup and disaster recovery, tape backup has its limitations, but it does have the advantage of storing a specific moment and location in time. Offsite replication, little onsite maintenance, up to 99 years of data retention, little to no capital investment, and low operating expenses are just some of how Azure site recovery may supplement your tape backup. 

You’ll never have to worry about losing data with Azure backup since it keeps six copies total: three in the data center, one in a very secure location, and three in a very distant Azure data center.

Azure’s built-in integration for the additional backup is a fast and straightforward solution if you’re in a highly Windows virtual environment. Integration between Azure, System Center, and Hyper-V is robust and smooth thanks to Azure Web Site Recovery.

Helps With IoT Solutions

Microsoft Azure is the right resource for businesses transitioning to IoT solutions due to its measurable, adaptable, and secure nature. If you choose solutions that work with your current network setup, you may start collecting new data about your business immediately by connecting your devices to the cloud.

Azure IoT Hub allows you to keep tabs on and control billions of connected devices while also gaining valuable insights that you can use to enhance customer service, save costs, and speed up development.

Azure’s improved security might be a tremendous benefit for IoT technologies, which traditionally have security flaws that hackers will exploit. There are a variety of facets that include remote monitoring, predictive upkeep, and data analytics.

Getting up and running is a breeze using Azure IoT solution accelerators, which are customizable starting points.

Significant Tools Of Microsoft Azure For Developers

In addition to Azure’s standard application development offerings, there are various tools to familiarize yourself with. Outside of the primary web interface, there are several other tools that developers will need to master to connect with and create cloud apps on the platform. The following resources save development time and effort and allow for more complex features.

Azure CLI

The Azure CLI can let you access its many resources if you’re using Azure. The Azure CLI is a helpful tool for avoiding context switching when working in a terminal emulator because of its UI, which makes automation more straightforward.

Code Editor For Visual Studio

Nothing beats the seamless integration of Visual Studio Code, a lightweight IDE with unique Azure development features. The Visual Studio Code Azure connection, delivers a smooth user experience, which is more important than automation when trying to avoid losing your train of thought throughout the development process.

Infrastructure As Code

To ease the burden of rolling out large-scale service deployments, you can turn almost all of the most popular infrastructure-as-code tools into Azure-aware. Automated control of Azure’s infrastructure is possible via the platform’s compatibility with automation tools like Chef, Terraform, Ansible, and Puppet.

Azure SDKs

Azure offers developer SDKs that provide complete account management inside the engineering context you need, allowing you to exert greater fine-grained control over the environment in which your cloud applications run.


Maximize Azure Cloud’s features to boost IT adaptability while keeping tabs on expenses, policies, and dangers. Whether you’re a conventional business or a company ‘born in the cloud,’ Triotech Systems Azure services can let you take advantage of all the advantages of public cloud computing.

We deliver platform-agnostic cloud-native expertise and dependable automation to help you reap these advantages. With our essential cloud services, your company can get the required outcomes while maintaining visibility and control. These services have been tested and refined across various sectors and business types.

The multitude of Azure certifications we possess validates our comprehensive understanding of the platform and our proficiency in efficiently managing workloads.


One of Azure’s greatest strengths is its ability to facilitate transitions to and updates inside the cloud. Make building and testing for any platform more accessible and faster. Improved safety and hybrid functionality for your most important Linux applications. Cost-effectively migrate open-source databases by moving them to Azure.

Azure’s hybrid cloud services will be an excellent fit if your company uses a mix of on-premises and cloud services or public and private clouds. Azure provides a universal identity platform and a consistent strategy for protecting all cloud deployments.

The cloud architecture field is expanding, and there are opportunities for developers and solution architects. The qualification opens up opportunities in a wide range of areas and places. The cloud’s advantages in data storage, processing power, and connection to other networks have attracted businesses from many sectors.

You can access many valuable services without writing code using cloud computing platforms like AWS, Microsoft Azure, and GCP.

Certification in Microsoft Azure is an excellent way for newcomers to the cloud computing industry to establish themselves. Microsoft offers many entry-level Azure certifications.

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